Redcliffe Commercial Pest Control
Redcliffe Commercial Pest Control
Redcliffe Commercial Pest Control
Pest Management in Your Workplace
Hi-Tech Pest Management  provides pest management solutions to a diverse range of clients including,
Industrial, Commercial, Food Manufacturing and Retail Food and Beverage Clients.

Whether you manage a five star hotel/resort complex, hotel, restaurant, takeaway, retail outlet, industrial site,  - we have proven we can solve any pest control problem that arises. Years of research and practical operational experience in the pest control industry has developed Hi-Tech Pest Management systems and methods. Our systems have a total focus on solving your pest problems, balanced with an awareness of our responsibilities to workplace health and safety and the environment.
  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Save time, money & customer/client disruption
  • Our Hi-Tech Pest Management systems solve the toughest pest problems
  • FREE Service periods
  • Full client consultation and training
  • Food Safety Reporting
  • Environmentally responsible processes
Our Methods
Solving the Pest Problem
We take control of all aspects of the pest management process so you don't have to spend your valuable management time on the problem.
Our ability to follow acceptable procedures, provide quick response and effective follow-up service has been demonstrated to all industry sectors where we operate in and our client testimonials attest to this.

Corporate Capability
Our systems
In summary;
  • Using the highest quality, low impact products in the right concentrations;
  • Placing products only in areas that maximise pest elimination which reduces the volume of material used and the chance of materials entering the non-targeted environment;
  • We back our treatments and products with warranties reducing the risk to the client;
  • Reduced treatment frequency means less cost to the client by incurring less chargeable unscheduled treatments due to warranty periods;
  • We have a "Do whatever it takes to fix the problem" attitude at Hi-Tech. For matters within our control we never walk away from an unsolved issue;
  • We consider ourselves part of our client’s "Team" both at management level and in the field; and
  • We treat our client’s property as if it were our own.
With these systems and methods and our superior service delivery outcomes Hi-Tech Pest Management is fast becoming the preferred supplier of pest management services to the commercial, industrial in Redcliffe and Brisbane Area.
Innovation in Service Delivery
Innovation in service delivery includes our unique systems and methods and is, controlled by our implemented quality management system (ISO 9001: 2000) and incorporating specifically designed products; data collection direct from the field using Data Collection Pads.
Major clients include, hotels, restaurants, apartments, industrial complexes and nursing homes and many commercial clients.

Workplace Health & Safety
Hi-Tech Pest Management strives for excellence in the workplace so all employees, contractors and members of the public are not at risk due to unsafe environments or work practices.
All work is carried out in accordance with the relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory Workplace Health and Safety Acts. In doing so, all levels of management, employees and franchisees are guided by the Act, Regulations and appropriate Codes of Practice in striving to achieve an accident free workplace.
Training and Development
All levels of management within Hi-Tech Pest Management provide leadership in introducing health and safety policies and programs and in the ongoing development of staff competencies in the recognition of health and safety risks.
The elimination of work accident or injury and the development of safer work methods are the responsibility of each employee or contractor, as well as management. Any unsafe or hazardous conditions in either work practice or in provided facilities must be identified and reported. We understand the need to plan pest services in cooperation with our clients to ensure they fit with existing Food Safety Plans.

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